Meeka - Exfoliating Sisal Glove



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The Meeka sisal glove is 100% natural, extracted from the fleshy leaves of the agave cactus plant. The glove buffs away the dead skin cells which cause blemishes, leaving the skin soft smooth and glowing. Regular use improves blood circulation and detoxes the lymphatic system and can be used wet or dry.

How to use

Always ensure your skin and brush are dry before body brushing. Stroke brush in an upward movement using light strokes towards major lymph nodes in the body, such as the groin, armpits and base of neck. Its best to start at your legs and work your way up the body, adjusting pressure accordingly. Follow dry body brushing with bath or shower and finish off with our organic body oil.

Length of brush: 25.5cm
Length of handle: 16cm
Diameter of head: 8.5cm
Length of bristles: 2.5cm

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