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Created following traditional methods, adopting yogic formulas that have been used since ancient times. The Lux Aestiva incense range is skilfully handcrafted by artisans who combine naturally scented ground herbs, resins, spices and botanicals into a paste and carefully hand roll onto a bamboo core and allowed to dry. The Lux Aestiva artisans create some of the highest quality incense in the world.

Zephyr hand rolled incense creates an enchanting source of consciousness. Burn to promote soft, gentle, calming breezes for your sacred spaces.
Sanctuary hand rolled incense is our mediation blend for those seeking refuge. Burn to meditate, set intensions and create a sanctuary in your sacred space.
Oracle hand rolled incense is a divine source of exotic and rare ingredients. Spicy, rich & earthy, burn to find solitude and reconnect.
Elements hand rolled incense, with notes of traditional sandalwood. Burn to promote energy and enthusiasm, helping increase your zest for life whilst promoting deep feelings of peace and serenity.
Why are the Lux Aestiva incense sticks different to ‘normal’ and often much cheaper incense stick? The methods utilised by the Lux Aestiva artisans provides a much purer, natural scent than you'll find with cheaper sticks that are often made by 'dipping' absorbent sawdust-coated sticks into synthetic fragrances and other chemicals.

You will be surprised and disappointed to learn of the inferior materials often used in cheap modern incense - ingredients such as coal powder, washing soda ash, grease and used motor oils, rubber solutions and melted tyres, and even albumen powder derived from the blood of slaughtered animals are often used as binding agents. Cheaper, inferior incense sticks often use synthetic perfumes and fragrances that are also believed to produce harmful CO2 when burnt.

That the complete Lux Aestiva incense range is free of animal products and are 100% vegan.

Price is for 20 sticks, housed in our luxe, matte white incense boxes. 

Burn time per stick is approximately 40 minutes the perfect way to indulge yourself.

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