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La Crème du Teint 30ml - Tinted Day Cream

Tinted Day Cream that unifies, soothes and protects.

Suitable for all skin types.

No need to choose - no need to get lost in the versions of BB, CC, DD creams. The ABSOLUTION La Creame Du Teint is a combination Tamanu, Green Tea, Thermus Termophilu and Aloé Vera, to give a perfect tinted complexion.

This tinted moisturiser treats your skin and protects it from sun and pollution. Make-Up and Skin Care in one.

Apply a small amount to a thoroughly cleansed skin as you would a foundation.

Key Active Ingredients:

99% natural origin / 48% organic

Tamanu Oil - well-known among Polynesians and notorious for its healing virtues and regulatory properties on reactive skins. It also protects from the sun while fighting spots and imperfections by activating cellular repair.

Green Tea -
highly concentrated in caffeine and many polyphenols to fight free radicals. Its detoxifying power goes along with your skins natural process and helps you to keep a clear complexion; its astringint tannins maintain the firmness of the skin and calm irritations.

Thermus Termophilus -
a marine biological active that lives at more than 2km in the seabed. It has an incredible self-protection ability that allows its survival in such a threatening environment. Thanks to this marine active your skin is protected from the ageing process induced by external aggressions and pollution.

Aloe Vera -
a true wonder of nature used since antiquity for its virtues. It contains no less than 80 nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, mono and poly saccharides. Coupled with Fucocert, a plant polysaccharide with (higher than hyaluronic acid) anti-oxidant and moisturising properties, this hydrates and helps soothes reactive skin.

Shade: Medium

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