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Gentle Mask 50ml

  • 14 Beneficial Active Botanicals
  • 100% Whole Plant Organic
  • Sensitive : Rosacea Symptoms

The Gentle Face Mask is beneficial for all skin types, but is especially loved by those with sensitive skin. It gently draws out impurities, and restores vibrance to the skin without being drying. 

The Gentle Mask features French Rose Clay specifically for its cleansing and restoring properties.

The Gentle Mask is packed full of antioxidants including Pomegranate, Rosehip and Raw Cherry, which are specific to restore balance, regenerate healthy new cell growth. 

Ingredients such as Chamomile, Licorice and Aloe are key to soothe and calm inflammation, reduce redness and repair damaged skin.

Organic and therapeutic grade essential oils including Myrrh, Helichrysum, Rose and Rosewood are used to increase the repair of the skin.

How to Use:

Mix approximately 1/2tsp mask with 1/2tsp water and work into a paste. 

Apply gently with a mask brush to the face and neck area avoiding contact with the eye contour.

Mild steam is recommended.

Leave for ten minutes, then rinse gently with a warm moist towel.

(Tip: 2-3 drops of serum can be added to soften the mask and prevent it from drying if preferred. Serum will also give the mask further intensity)


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