Brogers Natural Beauty [est. 2014]
For you, from nature.

We are inspired by nature and its ability to reinvigorate the body and soul. Taking a dip in the ocean, walking through a forest, taking in the beauty of a natural scene: we all know these simple ways of connecting with nature can make a real difference. Just getting outside can elevate us.

Even our name has sprung from nature. My family farm was located in the tiny New South Wales hamlet of Wattamolla. Encircled by the ever-changing and beautiful Brogers Creek, the land is etched in my memory as a place of great natural beauty, with dramatic cliffs, green valley views, resplendent rainforests, native flora and fauna, and fresh mountain air.

It was a wild, special place; a place where I was able to find peace and wellbeing through my affinity with nature.

The farm, and Brogers Creek, helped me form my vision for the Brogers Natural Beauty brand: helping customers to connect with nature and care for their skin through the use of high-quality, natural products. To feel for just a moment in their day like they’ve come home, and their troubles can be left at the door.

And so, our story continues.

Like you, we are committed to minimising the amount of chemicals brought into our homes: so, we only partner with brands which are natural and environmentally responsible. All the products we stock are scrutinised by our team to make sure they fit the bill. We’ve done the homework, so you don’t have to.

We look forward to bringing you a step closer to nature. We know you’ll notice the impact of our products on your skin. And we can all be pleased the earth won’t feel a thing.

Melissa x

Melissa Powley
[Melissa Powley - Founder of Brogers Natural Beauty].