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Skincare in Winter

 “If winter has the courage to turn into spring, who says I can't bloom just the same?’ – S.J.W

The thought of winter conjures up the romantic notions of cosying up fireside in our comfy winter woollens, with a good book to immerse ourselves in, a glass of red in hand or perhaps sipping on deliciously smooth hot chocolate. Winter is a time to slow the pace, embrace the change of season, restore, and replenish both mind and body. While the cooler months can be a great chance to slow down and enjoy time indoors, many find that their skin can become dry and damaged at this time of year. When humidity levels are low, the air becomes dry which takes moisture away from our skin. Similarly, sitting indoors with a heater can also dry out the air and so our skin suffers further. We tend to become exposed to harsher winds when we are outdoors, and when we are indoors we take hot showers or baths which can additionally result in damage. Moreover, we tend to replace our fresh summery foods, craving more hearty comfort foods to keep us warm and commonly decrease our fluid intake. In most cases due to these seasonal changes, the same cleansers or scrubs we previously used will no longer leave our skin looking as vibrant and healthy but perhaps more dull, dehydrated, dry, irritated or devitalised. Thankfully, all that is needed is a little preparation to ensure that your skin continues to glow throughout the cooler months of the year and you can enjoy winter to its full potential.  


Boosting and protecting our skin throughout the cooler weather can be as simple as changing our beauty routines. Instead of using hot water to wash our faces with, opt for shorter or less frequent showers and reduce the water temperature so not to overly dry out the skin. When dry skin does occur, gentle exfoliants can be used on our lips and faces such as our Absolution La Crème Gommante - Exfoliant Cream so that any dead skin cells can be gently removed without damaging our skin any further. Hydration is key throughout winter to it is important to increase our water intake. Moreover, more intensive moisturisers can be used as well as serums like the Mardara SOS Hydra Serum or products such as our Laurel Healing Balm. Comfort foods can also still be enjoyed as long as nourishing choices are consumed such as soups or slow-cooked meals.

Dry skin remedies


It is also important to nourish our bodies from the inside out when the cooler weather comes around. As humans, we have the predisposition to want to store fat around this time as food would have been hard to come by during the cave people era. Because of this, it is more likely that we will binge on our favourite foods and we won’t be moving as much as we would have throughout summer. A great way to support ourselves through this is by cooking warming meals such as butternut and sweet potato curry, or chicken and leek soup. We are able to combat fatigue with herbal blends such as the Balanced Pantry Energy Tonic which is designed to support a natural energy production. Furthermore, including nourishing foods such as bone broth can be a great way to soothe inflammation and keep up in a balanced state throughout winter.

What is important throughout winter is that we support ourselves and that we are gentle with ourselves when we are craving downtime. It is only natural to notice changes in our skin and energy levels when the seasons change, and so our beauty regimes and diets must pivot with the seasons too. Ensuring that we are hydrate ourselves as much as possible is key, as is taking care of ourselves from the inside out.


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