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Let's break it down.....

At Tonic The Organic Beauty Store and as a beauty professional over the past 20+ yrs, I am constantly asked how to help my clients better understand their skin and to help them determine what it honestly needs to keep it in peak condition. The first thing I recommend is to really get to know it. Understand its look, its feel, its mood, the issues that it faces and the symptoms it presents. Lets take a deeper look.

As we all know, skin types commonly fall into four generic categories.
At Tonic The Organic Beauty Store, we like to refer to these as the: 

Primary Types

  • Oily
  • Normal/Combination
  • Normal
  • Dry

    As simple as this sounds, our skin (the largest organ of the body) is far more complex than just the aforementioned primary types, which is often why many skin care issues go unresolved and our skin care products seem ineffective. Sure, while all skins fall loosely into one of these categories most have additional issues that more than likely need to be addressed.

    The majority of skins actually present with concerns/symptoms far deeper and more wide ranging than just primary types. These are what we like to refer as:  

    Secondary Types

    • Sensitive
    • Dehydrated
    • Ageing
    • Sun Damaged
    For example:
    • You may have a classic Normal/Combo skin that also displays signs of dehydration or sensitivity.
    • Like wise you may have a Dry Skin that is craving lipids (oil) that is as thirsty (craving water) as all heck.
    • Or a Oily Skin that has sensitivities such as rosacea or fragile capillaries.

    The combinations can be endless and individual as we are. So let's break it down and really get to know your skin!

    It's pretty straight forward really:

    Step 1 - Choose from one of the categories on the left by asking yourself how does my skin feel and look and what is its mood.
    Then determine what issues your skin has.

      Step 2 - Choose from one of the categories on the right by assessing further the feel, look, mood and whether you experience any specific issues.
        Step 3 - Marry the two to get a deeper understanding of where your skin is actually at.

          You may not have any deeper issues with your skin (lucky you), however as we change with age, so does the landscape of our skin and the way we nurture it will need to evolve too. If you present with sensitivity, always treat this condition first. This is key to the over all health of your skin and its ability to respond appropriately to the care you give it.

          Here's to healthy & happy skin!




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