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Our brand has evolved, refreshed and grown. We welcome you to Brogers Natural Beauty; inspired by the ever-changing beauty of nature and its ability to reinvigorate the body and soul.


Our new namesake, (pronounced bro-GHURS), is taken from the creek that surrounded my family farm in the tiny hamlet of Wattamolla, nestled in the picturesque south coast of New South Wales. For me, our family farm and Brogers Creek that surrounded it, was a place of incredible natural beauty, absolute peace and tranquility; a place where I felt deeply connected, humbled and calm - a place of absolute mindful beauty.

Personally, this year has been a time of enormous change. The experience of deep loss and sadness has made way for soul searching, reflection and true meaning. Throughout this emotionally challenging journey, the resounding blessing of family has been where my fondest memories lie. In moments of quiet reflection, the special memories of our family farm surface; bringing me an incredible sense of gratitude and peace.

The incredible love of our family farm, and Brogers Creek, kindled my vision for change and has given me the opportunity to reflect on what we do, and perfect what we represent as a beauty brand retailer. We deeply believe that the power of nature has the ability to bring unparalleled benefits to skin health and appearance, as well as personal wellbeing.

The Brogers Natural Beauty aim is to connect our customers with nature and care for their skin via high quality, effective, ethical and sustainable products.

Our carefully curated ranges provide a luxurious experience, making a real difference to your skins heath and vitality, whilst nurturing our planet - we refer to it as mindful beauty.

The Brogers Natural Beauty ethos of;


is our commitment to selecting only the best care for our customers so that they can experience, beautiful skin - naturally.

I truly hope you take the Brogers journey with me!

Yours naturally,

Melissa x


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