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Welcome to 2018 beauties!

I am so grateful to have had a little time away over the Christmas/New Year which has given me the opportunity to reflect, reconnect, realign and reenergise, and to explore more of what it really means to allow yourself to experience true beauty.

For me 2018, (with all the momentous milestones about to come my way), will be a year that will require me to dig deep on many levels, so that I am able to navigate the journey positively, and am emotionally and physically equipped to give love and unconditional support to those nearest and dearest to me when and wherever it is needed without compromising my health and wellbeing. This initially seemed extraordinarily overwhelming - almost throwing me into a state of sheer panic due to over thinking each and every potential scenario. That word 'POTENTIAL', was the key deal maker or breaker! Obviously, a deep breath and reality check and a simplification of my thoughts needed.......

So my question to self was:

"How do I actually do this?"


"You cannot pour from an empty cup."

Light bulb moment:

"Take care of yourself first.



Question answered!

So, as a result of my lightbulb moment, in 2018, I have promised to learn more about how to nurture myself more deeply, to experience self-love & care and to cherish moments of serenity, gratitude and calm so that I am able share the same with my family and friends. As simply and as cliched as it sounds, it's really the little things that I would like to focus on that will make the biggest difference, the moments of -  tears of joys and sadness, laughter, solitude & silence, togetherness, nature and the blessings in the abundance of nourishing food, and the soulful company of my family and friends are what matter most. 


As I embark on the chapter that is 2018, I have made a note to self:

I believe that we all deserve a little more self-love and care in 2018, so we are excited to announce that Tonic The Organic Beauty Store will be celebrating the arrival of new collections over the coming months that support and align with our current #mindfulbeauty lines - care that will enhance results and nurture your skin, mind and body from the inside out, achieving optimum skin wellness and wellbeing.

Think beauty foods, adaptogens, skin supplements, oils and powders, care that helps balance & nurture autoimmune conditions as well as a line of amazing oils to nourish your mind, body and spirit. All of these incredible additions will help to promote the healthiest and most beautiful version of you, yet!

Let's fill that wellness & beauty cup 'til it runneth over.

Melissa x


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    Love your note to self Melissa! I wrote a similar one to myself on new year’s eve.
    It’s amazing what a daily reminder can do for our mind & spirit. Perspective, perspective! :)

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