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The art of giving back to self without feeling guilty.

Most parents would agree that they love their children more than anything, however, they can often feel burned out by the daily grind and are often all too ready for that overly generous glass of wine at the end of the day. This treadmill of hustle and bustle and all the constant giving can really take its toll on our energy levels and emotional capacity. This is where the art of self-care comes in. Carving a little me-time into our daily routine, dedicated to self-care can make a huge difference in the way that we feel & cope. The benefits of self-care include more energy, brighter eyes, more vibrant skin, and a quality night’s rest. Best of all, mums will have more to offer their loved ones because they have filled up their own cup first. Try gifting yourself something little each day: self-love, self-care, self-respect & gratitude. You owe it to yourself and those you love.

She made a promise to herself to hold her own well-being sacred.

Calm is your SUPERPOWER!

While everyone’s interpretation of self-care may look a little different, mindfulness is a great daily ritual for frazzled mums to achieve the superpower of calm. Feeling less stressed and more relaxed takes only moments to achieve and makes a huge difference to our energy levels, mindset and capacity to give. The great thing about mindfulness is that it can easily be slotted into everyday life and simply involves becoming aware of one’s thoughts and surroundings, so more focus can be placed on being in the present moment. A great way to start is by jumping in the bath after putting the kids to bed. We recommend treating your self to one of our restorative bath soaks by Soak Society (try Bath Dew or Sleep Wellness Soak) or our Alchemy In The Raw Body & Bath Elixirs (try Calm, Sleep, Relax, Anxiety) that will further promote relaxation. Tub time is the time to switch off from the craziness and mayhem and focus on the little things: your breath, the warmth of the water that cocoons you, the delicate scent of essential oils, the flickering light of a candle, soothing music or even just the blissful silence. Taking this time to actively notice your immediate surroundings is the perfect way to begin a mindfulness practice, allowing your worries to melt away and your mind to feel clear & calm.

You’ve got to NOURISH to FLOURISH!

In addition to practicing mindfulness, nurturing yourself from within is a great way to achieve optimal health of both body and mind. Attention to nourishment may seem obvious but often maintaining a healthy diet is overlooked as we tend to eat on the fly and rush from one task to another. Simply put, we can’t expect to flourish if we don’t take time to nourish. Quality nutrients are vital for clarity of mind, energy levels and of course long-term health. So why do we compromise it? If you are an on-the-go-mum who wants to maintain optimal health & vitality, try introducing nutritional supplements such as Balanced Pantry’s Adaptogen Blends (Sunshine, Sparkle & Glow) to your daily smoothie, cereals etc. Adaptogens are a unique class of herbs used to maintain optimal adrenal support and function and help regulate: stress levels, hormonal fluctuations, fight fatigue, help boost immunity and reduce irritability.

So whether your gift-to-self includes, a walk by the beach, a moments meditation, a relaxing massage, a soak in the tub or nourishing supplements to achieve optimal energy, balanced mood and much-needed rest, don’t feel guilty as you cannot continue to run on empty. You are every bit worthy of a little of that love and care that you keep giving to everyone else!


H A P P Y  M O T H E R’ S  D A Y!


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