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Introducing award winning, naturopathically formulated skincare - Cleménce Organics. 

Bridget Carmady (images Clémence Organics)

"The product of over a decade of knowledge and experience Clémence Organics isn't about marketing hype or ingredients that claim to improve your skin. It's about using naturopathic principles to create a nourishing , non-toxic skincare, utilising recyclable packaging and ingredients that are not harmful to the environment." -Bridget Carmady - Founder & Naturopath BNat, BHSc Hons

BNB - What has been the inspiration and vision for creating Clémence Organics?

BC - Part of the reason I began making my own products was because I wanted to know that what I put on my skin could in no way cause me any harm. I lost both my father and sister to cancer, and their stories fortified in me a passion for nurturing health and reducing cancer risk wherever possible. The role that skincare plays in health may seem small and insignificant for some, but when the body absorbs around 80% of what we put on it, I don’t feel we can take it too lightly. I know for me, having full confidence in what I put on my skin (and therefore in my body) makes me feel that I have at least taken control of that aspect of my health. I also wanted my naturopathic clients to have the best products for their skin that were gentle and made from organic ingredients but still able to deliver powerful results for their specific skin conditions. My clients loved the products I made for them and because of this the skincare side of my business grew quite quickly. Pretty soon I had to decide between my naturopathic practice and making organic skincare. My heart was pulling me towards Clémence and so I launched it as a stand-alone skincare brand in 2016.

BNB - How has being a Naturopath inspired and shaped Cleménce Organics?

BC - I use a naturopathic approach when it comes to creating my products. Naturopathy is a practice of medicine that is based on the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Therefore, each Clémence Organic product is formulated to support the body's own healing process, using both traditional and scientifically validated nutritional medicine and herbal medicine.

BNB - What is the philosophy based around your formulations and how do they address specific skin concerns?

BC - My naturopathic philosophy means that I approach the treatment of skin disorders using my education and experience. Firstly, I use my knowledge of anatomy and physiology to understand what is happening within the skin. Then I dig out the pathophysiology to look at all of the different variations of a particular disorder, and what the key features are. I apply my traditionally used knowledge to examine what has been used in the past to treat a disorder. I also look at current scientific studies to see if any of these methods have been disproven and what new treatment methods are showing success.
Then the fun begins – formulating! All product formulations involve a combination of nutrition and herbal medicine. For example, when I formulated our Repair Face Serum, I thought about the key nutrients the skin requires for repair (vitamins A, C, D and E, fatty acids). Then I looked at the plants that have shown the best results for encouraging skin repair in various skin disorders, both from traditional use and current scientific research (rosehip, calendula, jojoba).

BNB - Bridget, you have been awarded a swathe of incredible awards for your Clémence Organics skincare – this must be incredibly rewarding for you?

BC - It is very rewarding. Launching a skincare brand in Australia is tough and so every little bit of recognition reassures me that I’m on the right path.

BNB - Can you give us an insight into the typical Clémence skin care devotee? Who are they and why do they choose Clémence Organics to be an integral part of their skincare rituals?

BC - We are very fortunate that we have so many loyal customers, with a broad age range (35-70 year old women). Most women generally use the complete face range because each product perfectly complements the next, and guarantees their skin stays healthy.

BNB - What is your advice to those who are looking to make the change from mainstream beauty to natural/organic/clean skin care?

BC - Start with the lips! Our bodies absorb around 80% of what we put on it but this is increased if it’s on your lips. What’s not being absorbed into the skin is going into your digestive system. That’s why it’s super important to make sure your lip balm and lip colour are 100% natural, if not organic. All of the Clémence lip products are 100% natural and 99% certified organic. 






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