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An Interview with Mum Lauren Reid
Owner of Balanced Beings Pilates, Lauren Reid with baby Sam & partner Joe.

Melissa at Tonic: How has becoming a Mumma enlightened you?

Lauren: Becoming a Mumma is grounding and slows me down to enjoy whatever life throws at me. I’m much more go with the flow these days.

Mel: What is your greatest joy about being a Mumma?

Lauren: Cuddles and watching Sammy grow, learn and enjoy the world around him (although a part of me wants him to stay little forever). He’s a very entertaining and high energy little guy!

Mel: Life is hectic, how do you manage to achieve a work/life balance in your busy life?

Lauren: I prioritize myself before I start my day with Sammy. When Joes is not working nights, I escape out of the house super early and squeeze in a workout so no matter what happens that day, I stay strong, fit and healthy to look after my boys and stay energized.

Mel: With the benefit of hindsight, what advice would you give your pregnant self this time around?

Lauren: I’d probably not work as much as I know Joe really wanted to have me at home more. I’d probably also not bother trying to paint my toes during early labour!

Mel: What do you do daily to nourish, relax and unwind?

Lauren: I make healthy food and sit and enjoy it with Sammy now that I’m not on the run as much (I used to eat on the run in between teaching classes all over Sydney). With my business being scaled back I can use this time to practice mindfulness.

Mel: Do you have a favourite ‘me-time’ ritual?

Lauren: Lying on a foam roller (sometimes with a face mask) or cups of tea!

Mel: How has your experience as a Pilates Instructor shaped your journey throughout pregnancy and beyond?

Lauren: Having taught Mums and bubs classes for many years, this gave me an insight into the best and most challenging aspects of parenting. I knew I would need to stay fit to stay happy and healthy and to keep up with my boy!

Mel: What advice would you give to woman entering the realm of motherhood?

Lauren: I believe each Mother knows intuitively what their baby needs but it is tricky to believe in yourself when it’s all so new. Listen to others helps, but ultimately you know best. Joe has also been an amazing influence regarding my motto of “all a baby really needs is love”.
The material stuff surrounding babies is just for the parents, so I’m still learning to not get caught up in all the must-haves.

Mel: What has been your most challenging moment as a mum?

Lauren: Ha-ha, so many funny challenges. Practical nightmares that Sam innocently creates come to mind, too many poo and vomit stories to list. Obviously, your life is never the same again.
Downsizing my business was hard but I have no regrets. I love being a mum and the challenges don’t phase me too much. I love him too much to let it get on top of me.

Mel: We are all blessed to have so many amazing women in our lives. Can you tell us a little about your female super-heroes and the influence they have had on your life?

Lauren: I have an amazing strong Mum who has had some huge challenges because of my Dad not being in our lives. She would do anything for my sister and I and she wants us to be happy above all else. Her strength inspires me. I also love the once-secret story in our family about my Grandmother’s first marriage to a very wealthy man ending and then marrying my very poor but charming grandfather who made her incredibly happy. She is a blunt, wise and very honest lady who turns 90 next month and still lives at home, exercises most days and can keep up with her great Grandchildren! She inspires me to continue to prioritize what matters most in life in my opinion (also very much influenced by me meeting Joe) and that’s family, health, and happiness.

Mel: Thank-you so much for sharing your motherhood journey with us Lauren, we are so grateful to you and your contribution to the world.

Find out more about Lauren and Balanced Beings Pilates www.balancedbeings.com.au


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