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A Mother's love is organic. It grows deeply within her heart. It flourishes daily, is pure, unadulterated, unconditional, and endless. 

In honour of all mother's, those with us and those who sadly are no longer physically by our sides - you are the core of our being.

Sadly, I lost my beautiful Mum earlier this year and in her honour, I share a little of the amazing human she was.

Mum & Me - 1967. 

Inside the cover of my first photo album, sits a little verse.

Not flesh of my flesh
Nor bone of my bone, 
But still miraculously my own.
Never forget not even a minute,
You did not grow under my heart
But in it.

This little verse is something that I have always held dear to my heart, and now that you have passed, its significance has deepened beyond measure. 

Your struggle to become a mother was real and so very raw. The only child of beautiful parents, you were desperate to have children to call you own - a family. Sadly, your experience was fraught with heartbreak and your body and mind endured a torture like no other. For eleven years you lived in great hope that the precious gift inside you would come to life. With each of those eleven years, you mourned quietly of the eleven babies you never had the chance to hold. Your body was drained and your womb could no longer be a vessel that brings the joy of motherhood. 

Yet, such was your determination and desire to be a Mother, you and Dad chose the path of adoption.

You may not have physically brought my sisters and I into the world but most certainly you gifted us a wonderful life filled with an abundance of love. 

We were the “chosen ones”.

This little verse that sits inside my first photo album now symbolises so much more about the incredible mother you are to us. It speaks of your vulnerabilities, your courage, your strength, your loyalty, your will and determination, but most of all your ability to love unconditionally. 

Although we never really spoke about adoption, we seem to always to have known. It made no difference to us – you were our mother, and dad our father. Your capacity to create a home, filled with blessings, warmth and love was done with ease. You were destined and deserving to be a mother. 

Taking foster children in for Christmas holidays, when you could not have children of your own was completely selfless and brought you much joy. You gladly volunteered your time each week at the local hospital to help nurse newborns and support their exhausted mothers who struggled with their new reality and desperately needed some down time. You generously offered your time and your heart to help those in need.

Sadly, your challenges didn't end there. In 1995, you were diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. What you endured over a five year period still leaves me speechless and in awe. I don’t ever recall you complaining, even when those beastly treatments almost took the ultimate toll on you. Although your health was never the same, you soldiered on with living. You were so unbelievably brave, courageous, and strong – the signs of a true fighter, an inspiration, and forever my hero.

Your greatest love and loyalty was to our family. Robert, your soul mate and lifelong partner of 55years, and of course us three girls. You had enormous love for your sons-in-law, completely adored your grandchildren and great grandson.

For our family, you were our love, our strength, our advice, our courage and inspiration.


But most of all you were our mum, you gave us the gift of love and you are forever, miraculously our own.


In Honour of my Mother
Jean Kathleen Forsyth
20.12.1935 - 24.01.2018

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    Absolutely a beautiful collection of thoughts about your Mum, Melissa – straight from the heart. We are truly blessed to receive such love from our mothers who find strength and dignity in difficult times, and manage to help us feel forever loved by them. Hugs x

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