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Let's face it, we all want radiant, luscious locks : a healthy head of hair : to alleviate the
aggravation of scalp allergies such as dermatitis
......every girl just wants beautiful hair!
If you truly treasure your locks you may want to take a moment to check out what nasties are lurking inside those bottles and ask yourself if your current hair care routine cuts it when it comes to being truly kind to your hair and ultimately your body.......so why don't we put the kettle on and let's talk tea - hair tea that is, actually

Clara Hope Organic Hair Tea.

I know 'Hair Tea' it sounds a little unusual, but stay with me on this. Not only is this brilliant hair brew kind to your treasured tresses, it is like an immersion therapy for the soul. Cleansing your hair becomes more of a ritual, a sensory journey, a gift to the self. Created by hair tea artisan, Grace Fuss, Clara Hope Organic Hair Tea has been handcrafted using a blend of pure, raw, organic and vegan botanical and mineral ingredients delivering incredible results.
The range is simple and easy to use yet pure luxury by design, gently cleansing and restoring your hair via nutrient rich ingredients minus the nasties allowing you to enjoy the aromatic pleasures of the herbal blends while nurturing, restoring health and balance to your hair. Personally, I always require volume enhancing product after washing my locks....I may have short hair but it is thick and heavy so I have to apply 'product' to get some lift happening and I can honestly say that I was a little dubious about the outcome of using hair tea initially. However, after cleansing and conditioning with this amazing brew, my hair felt lighter and incredibly the lift came naturally. So now, not only can I avoid the nasties, immerse myself in a little 'me time' but I can also visualise the health and wellbeing of my wallet!


Detox Your Locks  | 15 Cleansing Pods $28.00
Detox Your Locks  |  15 Conditioning Pods $28.00
Detox Your Locks  |  Set Introductory Offer $52.00


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